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DNA Solution for Canine Attacks

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A global leader in animal genetics and forensics. 


Our goal is to increase responsible pet ownership through education, expand pet access, and decrease the social impact of irresponsible pet owner behavior.


Dog bite incidents occur daily all over the world. Bringing the first evidence kit to the global market, we can serve a wide demographic to better protect themselves during these situations.


We are bringing DNA evidence to your fingertips. Using our efficient canine bite kit, victims of an incident are able to quickly collect and preserve evidence to be used in a legal form.

There are  
 dog attacks per year.

The GotBit Kit provides outdoor enthusiasts, parents, federal employees, or anyone at risk of facing a dog bite incident, the opportunity to require recourse.

Dog bite attacks result in over 800,000 hospital visits per year and $530 million paid by insurance to dog bite-related claims. 

GotBit Kit is the DNA Solution to Dog Bite Incidents.